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EPIC therapy offers face-to-face psychotherapy, personal coaching and internet counselling, on a worldwide basis in Chinese, English and/or Dutch.


During the journey of our life, we may encounter different challenges and opportunities. Different challenges bring up different emotions. Different emotions lead us to make different choices, while we juggle between living and surviving.

At times of misfortune, hardship, injury, illness,even aging and dying, we may feel stunned, anxious, scared, helpless, angry, sad, lost, and so many other different emotions. Consequently, our view towards being in the world and toward others is challenged. At moments like this, how do we find the balance in facing life and facing others?

In psychotherapy, the Counselling Psychologist provides the required confidentiality and accompanies us to reflect upon the challenges or problems we face, to face the significance of these issues in our lives, and to assess our own choices and directions. Therefrom, we can live a fuller and more satisfied life than before.

For example, if we have been experiencing a deep and pervasive loneliness, together with the Counselling Psychologist, we can explore this in-depth, i.e. how these feelings have come about; what they mean to us; which choices we have made when dealing with them; what the impacts of the choices are, and etc. It might take some courage for us to face this process, but after such a systematic investigation, we will hopefully be able to own up the choices we have made before, may be able to make new choices or to stay with our choices and feeling content here and now, and may be able to face the future with confidence.

Counselling Psychologist is like a partner who we can share our inner world with; who we see regularly at an agreed time and location; and who will accompany us wholeheartedly to reflect upon our life.

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